What is mental health, and specially being in good mental health? It is the ability to concentrate on a given subject without any significant difficulty. It is the ability to pay attention to others as normal human beings do in day to day activities. Mental health is also the feeling of inner strength rather than feeling helplessness inside.

Now if you or anyone you know do not feel like you regularly experience what is defined as good mental health, then it is likely a case of mental illness. And the truth of the matter is that mental illness affects more people every day than most people realize.

Mental health is having control over the body’s own mind in case of accident and to let go of the emotional reactions to stress. All these are linked. At the time of accidents we feel crowded but not so in case of mentally healthy person. When we encounter problems with our mental health such as mild accidents or emotional trauma, the feeling of inner strength and ability to fight back is lessened, and we may turn to depression and even suicide.

Put another way, mental health is our quality or state of mind in its normal form, since it is well-known that even the healthiest of minds have bouts of stress from time to time. However, it is when we are constantly stressed, and constantly down for no reason that we are talking about true mental illness.

EndingStigma.Org puts the seriousness of mental illness into perspective, so that we as a society do not simply brush off claims of mental illness as completely unfounded. Our resources help the uninformed truly become aware of mental illness as a whole, in a way that unifies all of us behind this serious affliction.

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