Procrastination 101

Procrastinating is when you put off one task for another and think that the task will be so much more difficult and so much more time consuming, when in fact, by doing the task now, you save time that you could have used in the future.

Another clear indication of a procrastinator is someone who lacks true resourcefulness. They think that they do not have to do things efficiently because it’ll “just get done” eventually. If they are successful in some of the tasks, they think that fine and go on to the next. This could lead to eventually never getting the tasks done at hand because they are not that experienced in how to do it effectively.

Those who procrastinate have difficulty doing it all on their own, if not just for one big task, then multiple, smaller ones. This is being an individual and a person who does everything by himself, rather than working as a team. This over-reliance on others is a clear sign of someone prone to procrastinating when on their own.

Another habit of procrastinators are having several complicated and time consuming task in their hands. The feeling of these gives procrastinators more work, which they could really have done in a short time.

When you are not afraid to ask for help, you went in option: do it yourself. But if you do not ask for help, do not get it. The rewards in this way, you will be able to simply do it by yourself and save include small tasks and chunks of time that you want to do something for and these tasks are often small and things to start on. Just get it done and complete it.

The reason why people procrastinate is that they often procrastinate because they feel that they need to know everything or tend to drown in information before they can do something. It is true. But, rather than going on this way to try your best and finish it, learn to simplify the task. Start a list of things that would help to complete it.

Focus on one task at a time. You will be successful now, you know better. Concentrate on easy tasks and tasks that could be completed in the near future. Things that you do, for the future, are usually things that will take more time and more energy and are not truly necessary. The main reason why people procrastinate is because the procrastination is in the fruits of an energy waste.

Be strong and do not give up. Do not be pressured by others. Procrastination can be a symptom of mental illness, if not an outright form of it, but like any mental illness, it can be treated if you really want to improve.

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